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Super Typhoon Reming November 19, 2010

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Super Typhoon Reming-December 7, 2006

i had this warped idea the
day my roommates woke me up of their discussion on supertyphoon. at first, i
was apathetic of the subject, but having seen that out of the comforts of their
bed (since it was declared holiday by PGMA), they hurriedly prepared for
“panic-working”. i mean, its just my way of saying that they had this
impetus to pan and do things before an anticipated pesky and violent
supertyphoon hits manila. as ive said, at first, i dwindled and tried to get
some more sleep, but as i am exposed to their conversation and as well to the
updates from radio i.e DZRH, i had this quip idea (was it really clever?….not
really…a selfish..warped as i described).

I thought that the
“reming” experience would be F-U-N! “supertyphoon reming, signal
no 4” such declaration from PAGASA gave me a thought. reming is expected
to hit manila at early am, i would be home then from work. i will then enjoy my
bed, snuggle on its comfort as rain pours and as gust of wind blows. “that
would be awesome!”i thought. …as i am reminded of such goof, i’ve realized
how childish moreso how self-occupied i was. But praise be to God. that he gave
me such introspection the moment i went out from pm shift that night. ..really,
i expected for heavy rains but had otherwise. but i was warned by a co-saff.
her words caught my attention. She said ” lumihis na si reming, asa
batangas na” unhappy of the news, i interrogated “Totoo ma’am,
confirmed napo yun?”. “OO nga! kulit naman e”, she said. thus
the rain was not what i expected. …

as i passed taft, pedro gil
and agoncillo streets, i’ve seen my destitutes brothers. ive seen their ordeal.
there was this “magbabalot” who usually stays and sells upto wee
hours in the morning but that night he was already preparing for home. was he
able to get his target profit? will it suffice to support his needs or his
family’s? ive also seeen two old ladies probably 60-80 of age, sitted on
kindergarten monoblock chairs heads hanging yet they managed to sleep despite
their positions and despite the heavy rain. ive also seen a family lying down
on a “carton” at side walk. they had blanket, however, what warmth
would that give on such stormy day with floods forming on the streets?

as i walked that area, i
cowered, not of fear of the storm, lightning or thunder, not even for bad guys
but i cringed for the people. i was crying inside. how selfish was i? i didnt
mind God’s other creation esp HIs beloved human being.

when i arrived home, i
shared God’s revelation to a friend. Praise be to Him for such insight! i asked
His forgiveness…the time i was about to go to bed (that was past 2 am), the
rain poured very hard. the wind blow was violent too. …then i prayed… truly,
being an imperfect human and still having the old sinful nature, i stumble on
self-obsession and pre-occupation on my concerns alone. But my Lord works in a
very creative way. i didnt expect to learn from reming, all i wanted was to
enjoy her.But God gave me an acumen. a reminder for a lifetime. .

The next time a typhoon comes, i would pray for protection….

(the following day, ive heard about reming’s effect on Bicol)….

Once again, i cringed but i prayed.



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