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Barbeque Stick July 6, 2011

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Barbeque Stick

March 23, 2011

It was almost three weeks when I got injured by a barbeque stick. That was
after a night out on the beach with my church mates. It was very dark then and
we were very far from the street lights. There were portable flash lights but my
friends were using them. Thus I had no chance to check on my foot that time. I
thought it’s superficial. It will be ok. After all, I had the same experiences
in the past and nothing was serious. Besides, I have confidence on my immune

When I got home, I took a “heavy” bath since Vanessa and I, literally
submerged ourselves on the salt water.  I unsoiled and treated my foot then doze
to sleep. I was very tired then that I had no serious “scrutiny” on my foot.

Fridays are really the happiest and busiest days of my Abu Dhabi life.c”,)

Two weeks passed. I am still feeling the same pain especially when pressure
is applied on my right foot. Yes! On my right foot. I wonder how much the Lord
loves my right foot that He often brings it to testing. =) This is the same foot
that incurred a fourth degree “wheel” burn and had skin grafting. The Lord must
love my footie dearly that He chastens it from time to time.

On the second thought, does this foot lead me to sin? Hmmmm…..

The pain is becoming more unbearable. More so, it causes me to limp. Good
thing I can still perform my ADLS (activities of daily living) tho with much
effort and time spent.

Thus, pain brought me to clinic today. I waited for so long to be entertained in an urgent care clinic. What an irony. I do respect their
triage but it seemed (personal opinion) that the service was poor.

I had a foot xray on different views.  Yet, despite such diagnostic
procedure, the treatment was futile.  At the end of my consultation, the Dr.
said, “It’s ok, we didn’t see any foreign object left on your foot. Pus is
normal it will be treated with oral antibiotic”.

And that’s it?????!!!!!! (I exclaimed in my thoughts with much

Dissatisfied with the treatment, I texted Dayang  (a very dear sister from
the church who happens to work in one of the clinic here in Abu Dhabi). She was
so concern on my foot.  Too concern that she had done a “minor D and C” on my
foot last night in our praise and worship practice. =) She urged me to really
drop by their clinic. She spoke to the surgeon on my behalf and Wheew! I was
given prompt attention when I arrived there. (Much thanks to Dayang and Mitch!
and Dr. Bayan)

I appreciate and commend Dr. Bayan. Not just his “very-good” memory but even
her management on my foot. I agree with him when he said that small “alien”
objects on body parts are not visible on xrays. Thus he opted to have a minor
surgery done on my foot tomorrow (March 24, 2011). That will be for the purpose
of draining the abscess and getting rid of the strange object.

Brilliant management! That was what I wanted.

Relieved and with much satisfaction i whispered, “Thank You!”


Indeed, all things work for my good. I’m on sick off today. Meaning, i have
more opportunities to reflect, to meditate and be free from stress.

I pondered on foreign objects. Not just the literal barbecue stick but it
could be compared to people (of bad influence), bad habits or “worldly” stuff
that slowly eats us and brings us to death/sin.

I have ignored a lot of warnings thinking that it was all fine not until I
woke up realizing that I’m doomed.

Yes. I’ve been trapped by the schemes of the enemy. Many times. He is indeed
very wise and crafty that he knows how to get my attention, he knows my
weakness. At first, I reasoned that it was “ok”, “no big deal” not until I came
to my senses and realized the gravity of what I committed. Mistake/s I’ve never
imagine I could do.

With much remorse and a repentant heart, I prayed:

I’m sorry Lord that I grieved you (endless times). Sorry for not
being on guard; that I allowed the devil to have a foothold on me. Help me to be wiser, to distinguish his works from Yours. Help me to be more discerning. Others and things may look good on my eyes and may present themselves with good motives/uses but in the end all they want is my downfall.

Help me to battle on my earthly desires. Help me to glorify You
in my life oh Lord. All I want is to put grins/smiles on Your face. For You to
be proud of me as Your daughter. But how could I do it Lord if I’m always
defeated in my day-to-day battle to sin. Help Oh Lord, without You, victory will never be mine. Thus im begging, help the feeble me Oh Lord.

With much of His promises, I stand with courage that I will do better this
time. YES! I am certain, and I claim, I  am Victorious!  I am a Conqueror!=)

“ I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength”.Philippians 4:13

“If I seek Him, He will be found by me”. 1 Chronicles 28:9

“Being confident of this, that He Who began a good work in me
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6.


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