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Count Your Blessings; Name Them One by One July 6, 2011

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Count Your Blessings; Name Them One by One-Sept 13, 2010

It is but proper to make a note for You Oh Lord. This will be a reminder of
Your great works in my life.

“count your blessings name them one by one. count your blessing see
what God has done.”

thank You Lord for all the myriad blessings of yesterday and today.

1. for the added life for me, my biological father, my Mac and his twin bro
John and  even to my dear Dara.

2. for Your Word this morning and even in tonight’s Bible Study.

3. for the super rest and comfort of my new room.

4. for protection and good health to me and my loved ones.

5. for UP Pep-Squad’s triump; our victory. and opportunity to view it tru
studio 23 live streaming (thanks Oteph for the assistance).

6. for one leg down in my bro’s bar exam. praying he will make it.

7. for the gifts of friendship. too many to mention.

8. for the luscious foods and even for the hands that prepared the foods and
people who shared their blessings. and not to mention take home foods from Dara
and Oteph.

9.for travelling mercies to corniche and back to our home.

10. and added bonus: thank You Lord for  my new swatch watch. c’,) yippee! i
superb love it. bless the giver oh Lord, abudantly.

flowery blue-white swatch watch.=)


been using watch this way.=)

indeed You have many ways to surprise me DAD. thanks for using my family and
friends in being Your instruments of happiness.

how can i say thanks for all the things You’ve done and doing in my life. so
undeserving yet You continue to make me worthy of Your riches blessings.salamat
AMA! =)


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