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God’s Incomparable Agape Kind of Love July 6, 2011

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God’s Incomparable Agape Kind of Love- March 31, 2110

“i just want to tell that u r always secured with my love..no matter what
happen..i will not ever change my mind bec when i chose i vowed that ur really
the one who i want to spend the rest of my life with.”

I just received
this sweetest message or should I say “assurance” from my honey just after a
misunderstanding over skype. It’s really hard to maintain or should I say hold
on (is a better term) to a long distance relationship. There are indeed a lot of
trials. Some people even say that love not seen and grasp easily dies. And I
totally rail against this belief. As long as you have the person who is worth
clinging to then it’s the best reason to keep sticking on no matter how far the
distance is and no matter how long time will bring you back to each other’s arm

After playing some games over fb and watching some movies, these
words from my mac just kept echoing on my mind. And I thought, I’m truly blessed
to have him. I was inspired not just because of his mere words but because I
know that these words are backed up by sincere actions from him to prove his
promise. (this is one of the uncountable reasons why i dearly love him too. i am
his number one fan and admirer)

But I was not just inspired about mac’s
fidelity to me. More than that I’ve realized how blessed I am (I can’t think of
a better word fortunate, auspicious, lucky, propitious) for having a great God
who never leaves and forsakes me when I’m messing up with Him the umpteenth
time. He heard me promise Him to honor and glorify Him in my life, several
times. But that seem to be in vain. All were just plain promises. More so my bad
habits have ways to get me down. It’s so frustrating to deal with the same
issues over and over again. Consequently, I will feel embarrassed that I can’t
kick these habits out of my system. Then guilt sets in and I would feel unworthy
to draw near Him again.

Every time I screwed up with mac (and yes, I
would often ask his forgiveness for acting so sensitively) he would tell me not
to worry about it then he will tell me that he loves me completely no matter
what. Mac’s gentle words remind me of God’s love to me. It is such a blessing to
be forgiven repeatedly of the same clutter, even when I don’t seem to improve.
Not at all.

God’s love is truly amazing. He loved us first even in those
very times when we seem unlovable and in those situations where we are full of
muddles. He said that as far is the east is from the west, He will be patient on
us. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t He an awesome God?

Thus I want to recommit
myself to Him starting this very day. I know He will honor my simple steps and
He will even help me along the way. I have no better intention and even my
greatest desire is to exalt His name in my life. I know I spoil some of my
affairs with people (maybe not that worst but still) because I ruin my
communication and relationship with my Great Dad. (I strongly believe in the
illustration of the cross, the vertical line points with my relationship with
the Lord and the horizontal line with my fellow men, and when I blot my way to
Him then it follows so will I with my brothers/sisters).

Challenge: we
are all precious in God’s eyes. He loves us all and knows everything about us
(even our hairs He numbered). And we don’t need to hide our flaws from Him
either, for He knows them all even those we do in secrets. Thus in those moments
when you realized you’ve screwed up again, don’t beat yourself nor be depressed.
Use your guilt to point you to God. He’s just there ever ready to hug, accept
and forgive us as He promised in 1 John 1:9.



One Response to “God’s Incomparable Agape Kind of Love”

  1. Mark Says:

    Thanks mahal for this wriiteup. Truly, I’m blessed God gave me you.

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