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Job’s Faith July 6, 2011

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JOBS FAITH-June 6, 2007

If there is one thing I’m really grateful of is that I’ve seen how my
Dad has been faithful to me. He was there during my ups and especially in those
times I’ve never had people to comfort me in my down moments. I’m known for my
independence. As young as I was, I’ve learned to attend to my own needs. In
fact, I was given responsibilities far advance expected from my age. But of
course I don’t have any regrets from those experiences, I became the person I
am now because of the encounters I had. And one thing that I really appreciate
about myself is my hold or claim and application to my Dad’s promise in Romans
8:28. Thus no matter how dishearten I am on how situations are in my life; I
always believe that my Great Dad is always in control of me. “He Who began a
good work in me will continue to do so till eternity”. And indeed He is.

I am an “overcomer” of a dark past. A survivor from the challenges of
the university I attended. I really praise my Dad since despite the
unavailability of the gadgets or hi-technologies, books and enough allowance
that a normal nursing student should have, I was able to graduate on time from
nursing. More so, I am triumphant in my face of the Local Nursing Licensure
Exam, CGFNS and IELTS. Those were all because of my Dad’s faithfulness in my

Recently (as I’ve shared in my last entry), I was again victorious with
my HCCA NCLEX predictor exam. It was another miracle in my life since I had but
little preparation for such. But undeniably Dad’s promise in James 1:5 is true.
He doesn’t have record of wrongs (but off course, humility and confession is
still a must). I felt so blessed that day (till today). But I’m not saying that
I’m so contented on how my life is going on right now. I agree that there is
something wrong when we Christians become so comfortable with our lives. Yet,
still, I’ve learned to accept every situation that comes my way and I’ve also
learned to adapt to rough or tight circumstances.

But as I was saying, that day; after the HCCA exam, same question that I
once dealt with, kept reiterated in my thoughts. “Will I still trust my Dad
even if things don’t go the way I expected?” “Will I have the faith of Job who
trusted God despite unbearable situations in his life?” I prayed to Him that He
will just give me such kind of faith. And I knew that my asking of a greater
faith requires me to expect for more testing and trials, in which my faith will
be challenged or put to use.

And certainly I had a testing from Him. A family problem I never
expected to stumble upon surprised me. I felt sad but still not dispirited. I
know He is in control. I prayed about it and even asked my prayer warriors to
pray with me. Also, I’ve prepared myself and also prayed that every member of
the family will not be shattered especially if such will not be solved in the
way we wanted.

Realizations: I’ve seen how consistent prayer is so powerful. Although,
it is still not confirmed, I was informed that it was disentangled, the problem
i mean. I’ve also realized that my faith went a long way already and I really
thank Him for allowing me to have such kind of faith. (Imagine not being
devastated despite the situation).

What I’m trying to point out is that, though my family is not perfect
and not even near ideal, I’ve always thank God for it. And such predicament
taught me to just keep my full confidence and reliance on Him alone. I need not
depend on my family, friends (even special friend/s), career or even my church.
I will only put my full trust on Him. For only He can be faithful and in control
in everything until eternity.



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