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Letting Go and Letting God July 6, 2011

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LETTING GO! – May 1, 2008

letting go – gary valenciano

“Letting go to know the truth is not so hard to do.

                                It’s the heart that’s got the will to open up for Him to fill.

And trusting and believing Him is all we’ve got to do.

It’s just the heart that’s got to movefor Him to show His love that’s been there,

even when we never care, take holdof His hand.

 Let go, you’ll understand…

Why be afraid, for God knows what Yourfeeling.

Even He can’t do a thing, if He sees the heart’s not willing.

And so we ask, what’s going on. We want what’s right but still do wrong.

 When hard mayseem the task, one step is all He ask of you.”

Letting Go: Gary Valenciano

past months have been full of life’s twists and turns. At times, they overwhelm
me and I must admit that often I’m tempted to give in to the problem. Habitually,
I responded inappropriately. And for sure with those kinds of responses, I’ve
put frown on my DAD’s face. Thus, for these, I’m guilty and very much disappointed
with myself. But as the saying goes, “nobody’s perfect”. I still have the human
me, prone to fall, to quit, to surrender and even to yield to sin.

not making excuses. The good thing is, I know that despite my sinful nature, my
GREAT DAD ABOVE is faithful and generous enough to forgive me and as well to give
me 2nd, 3rd, 4th, nth chances to learn from my
experiences and from there, move on to a better me. But take note, that in
every falling, there should be an equal rising with a more renewed spirit. Let every
stumbling be a learning opportunity.

enough. I’ve realized (and the realizations are real and experiential) that the
“secret of life is letting go and letting GOD” and that the power of change is
in totally giving our lives to our MAKER. I knew these truths for quite some
time already. In fact, I had enough of the letting-go process. But for whatever
reason/s, I’m facing the same dilemma again; surrendering and entrusting my prized-possessions,
or to say most valued treasures to the LORD.

I’ve not been a good steward or more so I’m making them idols in my life and
thus God takes them back.

need not elaborate. God knows what I’m going through.

just to illustrate my point, one thing that I dearly cherish is my NIV BIBLE.
There is nothing special with the feature of my Bible. In fact, it’s the most
ordinary, cheapest version of the NIV (but I’m not belittling it). But what’s
extraordinary about it is the fact that such has been my primary and sole
comforter in the many trials I’ve been since my high school (I bought it from
my own savings). When family, friends and even special person fail, it’s where
I get solace/relief. It’s

where I had most of my encounters with the Lord too; where gentle rebuke and correction
from Him were made. Also, it’s where promises from Him were learned and
consequently applied in my life making me strong to stand firm to whatever I’m
convicted by Him to do and to stay strong in many challenges.

back, even if I’ve read the verses several times already, its amazes me to know
that there were always new revelations from Him; in a more personal and timely

manner, fit to my needs in those specific times. And since, my Bible was “abused”
(In the sense that I’ve written my insights in those small spaces at its side),
It raises my spirit every time I review those victories I had with HIM. And
those were big helps.

suddenly, without me really prepared, God took it from me. I was very disheartened.
I asked myself why GOD got it back knowing that it’s one of the things that
help me grow in my spiritual walk.

as I ponder on my life verse in Romans 8:28 (“All things work together for good
to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose”), I’ve
realized that indeed, there is a purpose on why such happened.

enough, you will only appreciate the importance of a thing, when it’s already out
of your reach. More so, I’ve realize that I’ve taken my Bible for granted. I’ve
prioritized other stuff than my commitment on communing with the Lord daily.
There were even times when I’m physically doing my QT but in reality, my thoughts
and my heart were really not submitted and focused to the Lord. Thus, I hear less;
and sometimes I don’t even have truths to take hold within a day. It’s as if no
encounter was made because I was so preoccupied with other concerns and so
became insensitive of His whisper. Worst was, I even neglect my QT at times
just so I could attend to other not-so-vital matter.

to say, I had to learn it this way, the hard way. God had to take them in order
for me to gain truths and realizations. God wants my complete being totally
yielded to Him alone.

therefore, despite all those painful dealings from Him, I will continually have
peace knowing that “He who began a good work in me will continually to do so till
eternity”. It may look the opposite thing, but for sure that in every move of
my Savior, He has great

plans. It is and it a will be difficult process. But I rest in the assurance

that in order to have a better me, I need to undergo a lot of breaking, molding
and refining from my CREATOR! And still, I can’t help but express my deepest
gratitude knowing that He never fails, no matter what I do and no matter what
circumstance I’m in! SALAMUCH DAD!

Through It All

You are forever in my life

You see me through the season

You cover me with Your hands

And lead me in Your righteousness

And I, I look to You

And I, I wait on You

I sing to You Lord, a hymn of love

For Your faithfulness to me

I’m carried in everlasting arms

You never let me go

Through it all

May  1, 2008 8am, PGH Dorm


2 Responses to “Letting Go and Letting God”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Very touching and heartwarming blog… two thumbs up my dear friend…keep it up, keep posting so that others will be inspired after they read this one… 🙂

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