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you're never a failure until you've lost the lesson Romans 8:28

Matthew 6:33 July 6, 2011

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I have tendencies to wallow into stubbornness.  I know many times that as
long as I don’t start my day with a QT (Quiet time) that is a personal communion
with the Lord and meditating His Word, I usually end up mismanaging my time the
whole day.

This day is a perfect example.

Woke up early today to tell my friend that our attendance to the mandatory
class will not push tru. This is again the result of being a poor steward of
time. I failed to book us on the said session.

At the same time, my plan of completing some of my competencies today was
futile. I had an early asthma attack so I opted to just rest for some time then
proceed to some errands in the afternoon.

I slept for some more time and woke up quarter to nine in the morning.

I took my Bible and my Daily Journey Devotional Book at hand.

Unfortunately, I had a glance on “lappy”, my personal laptop which was just
situated on the table opposite my bed.

Once more, I succumbed to temptation.  Instead of starting with my QT, I
ended browsing and surfing the net. Sad to say, yes I was hooked to Facebook.

The enemy is indeed skilful that he knows how to get my attention. He knows
my weaknesses.

And thus, the supposedly plan of the day crumbled. i wasted my time.

Nevertheless, I firmly hold on to my life verse “all things work for our
good”. At least , for the nth time I am reminded of the verity of
Matthew 6:33 “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and
all these things shall be added unto you.”

 Yes!  This day is enough proof to believe that my Great Dad Jesus , demands His “first” in my 4Ts (Time, Talents, Treasure, Testimony).

One more thing that I appreciate about God today, is HIS “second chances”.
That is, whenever i come to realize my mistakes and humble myself to Him, He
enables me to rightly get things done. He enables me to start all over

And so, tho I didn’t accomplish much today….there are still countless things
im grateful of.

Mac always reminds me to value relationships….hence I thank God for…..

  1. A Chat with my honey. The Lord knows how to grant my longings. A chat with
    Mac makes the distance between us shorter.  It is encouraging to know that he is
    alright and in good condition.
  2. A short conversation with Mama over the phone. Im glad she is ok and is
    being accompanied by my kuya and Lola Besie. It’s a relief to know that she is
    not alone esp at these times; she is grieving because of Lola’s death. At least
    she has people to talk to, to make her laugh and lighten up her burdens.
    Bless Lola Besie and Kuya Dear Lord. I know they are Your instruments of
  3. Eugene’s Visit. Although it was a short encounter, im thankful to know that
    I have friends like him. A friend that i can count on to especially on dull
    times. A friend who has nothing but good motives. A Christian friend who shares
    with my faith. A friend who is certainly a blessing.  A dinner with him was
    worth a dime.
  4. Personal relationship with “a child in me”.  i had Recreation time. I’ve
    played a lot today. At least I pampered myself and enjoyed a bit. Ready to
    battle again with life’s stresses.

Thank You Lord. That despite not starting my day right, still there are many
things to be grateful of…..

Till tomorrow Lord, I pray that I will better steward then.


3 Responses to “Matthew 6:33”

  1. Neal Says:

    Truly God is a god of a second chance… be bless!

  2. yup neal, HE is, tested and proven!=) anyway, i added you sa link ko a..ok lang?=) kakabless naman kayo jan sa phuket..=)

  3. Neal Says:

    No problem… KEEP THE FAITH! Peace and Blessing!

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