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Our Covenant July 6, 2011

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Our Covenant-January 1, 2011

as i pondered on 2010, i realized that it was a tough year for both
of us. we’ve gone tru much testings. yet, i praise the Lord for He enabled us
to keep going. thankful that we’re still together despite the “so-many”
misunderstanding and silent-days-between-us; even inspite of  distance and time

thank you so much for the unconditional love you’ve shown.

what else could i ask from HIM, i am given the gift i more than

i wont promise anything yet im praying that may He continue to be the
third party in our relationship. aswell, that He will help us hold on and even
do better to our covenant…..

this is our covenant on January 7, 2009.

pledged at  Jollibee Harbour Square CCP Complex Pasay City


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