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Sea Shells on the Styro-box July 14, 2011

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Sea Shells on the Styro-box- May 11, 2011

When: May 11, 2011, Friday

Where: White House Building and Old Corniche

It was a spontaneous activity. Just after the worship service, the YAMAN (Young Adults
Ministry of Abu Dhabi) was tasked to do the “mini alkansya”. This is our part
in our fund raising activity for our 7th anniversary on September (can’t wait for this).

As always, foods have been part of our activities. Thank you to our master chefs Kuya Santos and Kuya John. We had luscious sinampalukang manok and adobong sitaw for lunch. Plus much and much of slurpy Nestea Iced Tea and Vintu c/o Kuya Bryan and Badong. The ladies were pampered; we just waited for the food. Waiting was hard tho and ”nakakagutom lalo”.hehe

sinampalukang manok by master chef Kuya Santos

adobong sitaw by our second master chef Kuya John

Right after, with full and heavy stomachs, we decided (yes an on the spot decision was made) to go to old cornice and gather sea shells.

It was my first time and I had a great experience there. It was a unique one for me. I thought, it must have been hard work for our fishermen. It was not easy really but with the
help of my friends we had a wonderful time.  I didn’t want to leave.  Not even my asthma attacks on the “water” drove me to go off the shore. All I wanted was to get more and more of the sea shells, to savor the moment since I know it will be months from now to have it

at first ate vanessa and i decide to do the planting-rice-position, but it was so uncomfortable

after few minutes, i decided to take a plunge on the water. who cares about the wet clothes.....loved the cool salty water of old corniche beach.

Haayyy…..it was a day to cherish:

Indeed….i can’t help but sing:

“ I love the thrill that I feel when I get together with God’s wonderful people”

“Love the thrill that I feel when I get together with God’s wonderful people”

“What a sight just to see all the happy faces, praising God in heavenly places”

“What a thrill that I feel when I get together with, God’s Wonderful people”

Not just that an added bonus…. A whole week supply of seafood meal….

Yey! Thank You Lord!=)

with ate and kuyas from day by day abu dhabi

if only the sea shells will last long then we will have not just a three-day supply of food. maybe a week-long.



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