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Delicioso August 17, 2011

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Delicioso August 17, 2011 16:17 Room 303 Airport Road Abu Dhabi UAE

“Marriage is helping your partner see the greatness and goodness of the Lord in your life.”

Since i had a serious interest on love, courtship and marriage tru the different activities of my numerous Christian orgs, i was made to believe that singleness (some of its time, not all of it) should be spent preparing myself to be the best partner to God’s perfect equal for me. Since then, i’ve been evaluating myself on how ready i am to enter into a life-time committment. This constant self-appraisal made me venture to deeper ground work.

One of those is Cooking.

Nurse’s life is pretty hectic. Imagine working 12-hour shift sans the time alloted for “before-work-preparation”? It involves physical, and yes mental, emotional, social and spiritual exhaustion. Name them, i have it. At times i’d rather buy instant meals just to save me from T and E. Time and Effort.

But recently, when i knew that the wedding bell is unmovable, I decided to be more serious in this endeavor. I long to be just like my Mom who does best in her cooking. I desire to satisfy my soon family’s food cravings. After all, they say, the fastest way to a man’s heart is tru his stomach. Not that i needed to do this to attract or impress my Mac but one of the many ways to keep him. (hihi)

Now, cooking is beginning to be my passion. All the more I’m stirred to cook, blog and have shots on food.

In connection to this, i made a new page on my blog. DELICIOSO.

Delicioso, my new blog page.

You read it correctly! The name itself defines what its all about.  It will feature my journey on cooking.

Why am I doing this?

This is but part of my training as soon to be Bride, or shoud i say Wifey. Barely 5 months to go. Yehey! c”,)


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