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NaNay Dian March 29, 2012

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Nanay Diane 28 March 2012 Room 303 Airport Road UAE 20:56

I have not grown tired to be in friendship with Nanay, that we even invited her (tho she was reluctant at first) to be one of our Principal Sponsors. She looked so gorgeous while she walked in the aisle with her floral dress.

I met her in a Christian healthcare conference in Cebu in Oct 2007. She welcomed me in the airport, gave me a native necklase and escorted me to Marco Polo Hotel Cebu. Since i went there on my own, she made me feel at ease by offering to share with her the room. Such a sissy!

She made me enjoy the conference by making sure ill be the “boss” of my own leisure and siesta time yet during plenary sessions she’s always around me, introducing and exposing me to alot of people that i could not even remember now.

After the conference, i thought we will part ways. Gladly, the Lord knew that i needed someone to mentor me and indeed, she perfectly matched  and accepted God’s job offer.

She became a minister in Philippine General Hospital  and since then, the journey of a mentor and a mentee began.

When im with her,  i always see things positively.With her, I’ve learned to live with my life verse “All things work together for good”.  It was during those times when i was really discouraged with a family issue, that she helped me deal and face the problem. It took spending with her for me to be shaped as optimistic.

She was  and is just a text, call and chat away when i needed someone to uplift and embrace me especially in gloomy days. She will always be right there almost 24/7, rain or shine, dry or flooded Taft Avenue, near or far, Philippines or Abu Dhabi, to assure me that everything  is  in God’s control.

In my achievement, she rejoices and celebrates with me. She always believes in my abilities and always pushes me to greatness. She reminds me that i can do extra ordinary things for I have Christ in me.

She even guided me in dealing with matters-of-the-heart and for this my Mac is so much grateful for he was her bet. Without Nanay’s counsel i should have not made it in the altar. Nanay always reminded me to keep holding on to my commitment, to our covenant. She was the one who introduced me to the word “betrothed” reminding me of Mary and Joseph’s relationship that tho they were not yet legally married then, in the sight of the Lord, when they were engaged, they were already one.

She bombarded me with alot of books that i learned more and have grown more in my faith.

She made sure im being used in the ministry and tags me along in most of the Christian activities.

She checks on my prayer life and quiet time and whenever she shares her faith, it always makes me whisper to God, “Dad, I want the same kind of faith, the same kind of testimony, and the same kind of life; worry free and stress free.”

She’s my Nanay Diane. Tho we’re not biologically related, I have grown to treat her like my second mom and always seek her counsel.  My hubby knows that she’s one of those i listen to and thus when faced with dilemma, he often asks me to seek Nanay’s opinion.

Like Paul’s message to the Philippians, I always thank my God every time i remember her, my Nanay Diane.  (Philippians 1:3)


2 Responses to “NaNay Dian”

  1. diana Says:

    waaahh..cry ako!!
    you should write a book dear!
    luv u much!

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