everyday's a blessing

you're never a failure until you've lost the lesson Romans 8:28

drech/tokikots November 19, 2010

                                        believes…..loves…..trusts…..waits…..hopes…..in my Great DAD-Jesus alone.


2 Responses to “drech/tokikots”

  1. Neal Says:

    Hi Roselle,

    Do you remember be, Neal, I’m following your blog using LightHouse CG blog site, but since I always use my personal blog, I am following you using this account. Congrats for the proposal! 1000x like!

    Peace & Blessing!

  2. hi neal! off course i remember you!=)
    thank you for this “alarming” input… ive been way behind my posts…been really busy with our wedding and now, a busy wife…haha
    will try my very best to be write again…
    thanks for this prompting Neal! =)
    can i follow you too using your new account?
    Godbless Bro!=)

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