everyday's a blessing

you're never a failure until you've lost the lesson Romans 8:28

Letters to God July 6, 2011

The Dream. April 30, 2012. 6:07 am Room 303 Airport Road UAE.

Dear Dad,

I don’t know why You had to wake me up at early 4:52 in the morning because of a strange dream. Why did you allow such to come to my mind? What exactly Dad was the dream all about? Now, i’m left thinking about that dream. Maybe You have reasons or greater purpose, or maybe subconsciously i wanted that dream to really happen, or maybe out of frustrations and disappointments (esp of  my current situation). I really don’t know. What ever it is Lord, i continually entrust everything to You, including that bizarre dream. Be in control even of my  hidden unconscious thoughts Oh Lord! Amen.

Your Puzzled Daughter, Che c”,)


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