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Views from my Lenses July 6, 2011

newbie in photography yet believes that continous journey with my lenses will soon create works-of-art if not mastery.

these are my firt few shots from my slr D5000 Nikon

corniche tree

corniche tree

kogon leaves reminds me of my home town: Tuguegarao City

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

i love green and floral

one day-light summer on Abu Dhabi, i decided to join my friends to go on walking along the favourite spot Corniche Beach. i seized the early morning to capture God‘s awesome creation; the nature!=)

my favourite spot in abu dhabi.

street lights.

green is beutiful

date trees cover most of the pathway.

kogon has been an apple-of- the-eye for my lenses

and more of kogon

and not to forget those close to my heart: babies and kids…..

justin's baby (my fellow ecco graduate batch 2010 ecco 8)

my inaanak_baby alex

alex and her rossy cheeks.=)


2 Responses to “Views from my Lenses”

  1. Neal Says:

    Nice photos, I like the “and more of kogon” and “my favourite spot in abu dhabi.”
    How’s life in Abu Dhabi? I mean for a Christian in a muslim dominated nation?

  2. Hi neal. just saw your comment. sorry for the delayed reply.=( thanks for appreciating neal tho im only a newbie in photography.=) anyway, life here in abu dhabi is pretty normal (tho ramadan is quite unbearable because of the restrictions). this is an open City and we are allowed to practice our faith publickly. we can worship whenever and whereever we want.=) Glory to God for the freedom to do this even in a Muslim country.=)

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